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Excerpt from the E-book

January 23rd, 2009

The health benefits of oil pulling are worth their weight in gold. You have already seen the basic oral benefits in regards to plaque reduction; however it does NOT stop there. Here are various other benefits that oil pulling has on your oral health:

Ø  Strengthens teeth, gums, and jaws

Ø  Prevents tooth decay

Ø  Prevents / decreases oral malodor

Ø  Prevents / decreases bleeding of the gums

Ø  Alleviates dryness of the throat

Ø  Soothes cracked lips

Ø  Whitens the teeth

Ø  Prevents / treats cavities & tooth pain

Ø  Repairs loose teeth

Ø  Reverses effects of gingivitis

Well, what if my oral hygiene is already superb? Believe it or not, the benefits of oil pulling are not restricted to the mouth. As I have mentioned earlier, Dr. Karach developed this method to heal the body as a WHOLE.


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