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Some User Experiences

January 25th, 2009

I came across these on another website and found it interesting. Please post your comments:

Results of Oilpulling Surveyby a news paper in India:
In 1996, after continuous publication of a regular column for three years in their Sunday edition on OP, Andhra Jyoti, a Telugu daily news paper, conducted a survey to find out the types of diseases cured and the effectiveness of OP. Out of a total of 1041 respondents, 927 (89%) reported cure of one or more diseases. People who did not report any cure were 114(11%).The analysis indicated cure of the following types of chronic diseases: Pains in the body and problems pertaining to neck and above 758 cases
Allergy and respiratory problems of lungs like asthma, bronchitis etc191 cases
Skin problems like pigmentation, itching, scars, black patches, and eczema etc 171 cases
Digestive system-155 cases
Constipation-110 cases
Arthritis and joint pains-91 cases
Heart disease and B.P-74 cases
Diabetes-56 cases
Piles-27 cases
Diseases pertaining to female reproductive system reported by women-21 cases
Diseases like Polio, Cancer, Leprosy, polycystic kidney, neural fibroma, paralysis etc 72

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Interesting Article.

January 24th, 2009

Here is an interesting article I found by Tracy Adams concerning her Oil Pulling experiences.



Sesame, Coconut, or Sunflower Oil?

January 23rd, 2009

Personally, I like Coconut oil the best due to the taste aspect. I also feel that it has the greatest effect in regards to teeth whitening. However, as I talk about in my E-book, I think all three are equally effective in the long run as long as you are doing the method properly. E-book is almost complete, waiting until the site becomes a little more popular and content-filled to post it. Thanks.

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