Welcome to the Oil Pulling Secrets affiliate area, I am currently offering 75% commission for all sales.

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Here are some images/banners/ etc you can use in your marketing campaigns.







I think the best way to market the book is to use PPC and review pages (review pages comparing other similar alternative health products such as Master Cleanse Secrets, etc..). It would be a good idea to focus on a particular illness or you can focus on chronic illnesses or dental care in general.

In regards to PPC, there does not seem to be enough search traffic volume for "oil pulling" or other associated long tail keywords. The better strategy would be to focus on keywords for particular health care problems. Another method would be to write ezine articles concerning illnesses (sinusitis, skin conditions, digestion problems, gum disease, cavities, bleeding gums, etc..). There are MANY conditions you can write about since oil pulling provides relief for a wide variety of health conditions. Try to keep ezine articles personable but not TOO pitchy, and make sure to use anchor text for your particular keyword.

Please bear with me and I am continually improving the site, I intend to have the entire sales page completely re-done professionally and will also re-do the affiliates page with more information that can be of use to you.

I also intend to create SEPARATE landing pages targeting specific illnesses you promote (separate landing page for eczema, sinus problems, dental problems, acne, etc..) in order to increase targetting and conversions, I am sure this will be a great help.


You can pretty much form keywords for any illness listed on the sales page. "oil pulling" keywords as mentioned before do not drive much traffic as there is simply not enough search volume for them, however you can try them out if you want:


This is a VERY short less but you get the idea. You can simply target any illness that is listed on the front page, the more common the illness, the better. As I said I will be created landing pages specific to certain illnesses to increase conversions.

This is a very vague affiliate guide and I realize that however I will be improving it, if you have any ideas or suggestions please e-mail me at: rishaj at oilpullingsecrets dot com



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