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What should I use?

January 26th, 2009

One possibility would be for me to just tell you to buy any old oil and call it a day; however, it is not that simple. If you do not purchase reliable and high-quality oil, you will not get the full benefits of oil pulling.

So what type of oil can you purchase? Pretty much any edible oil that is refined or cold pressed (can be organic as well). The most common ones used for oil pulling are Sesame, Sunflower, and Coconut oil. Personally, I like coconut the best and that is what I continue to use today. There are certainly other oils you can use as well (olive, grape seed, hemp, flax, hazelnut, etc), however, I recommend that you keep it simple and use one of the common three mentioned above.

If you have a trusted brand of oil then by all means use it. However, for those who need to purchase some quality oil, I would recommend purchasing from as their oils are of high quality, not to mention they have a great selection.

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Some User Experiences

January 25th, 2009

I came across these on another website and found them interesting. Please post your comments:

Results of Oilpulling Surveyby a news paper in India:
In 1996, after continuous publication of a regular column for three years in their Sunday edition on OP, Andhra Jyoti, a Telugu daily news paper, conducted a survey to find out the types of diseases cured and the effectiveness of OP. Out of a total of 1041 respondents, 927 (89%) reported cure of one or more diseases. People who did not report any cure were 114(11%).The analysis indicated cure of the following types of chronic diseases: Pains in the body and problems pertaining to neck and above 758 cases
Allergy and respiratory problems of lungs like asthma, bronchitis etc191 cases
Skin problems like pigmentation, itching, scars, black patches, and eczema etc 171 cases
Digestive system-155 cases
Constipation-110 cases
Arthritis and joint pains-91 cases
Heart disease and B.P-74 cases
Diabetes-56 cases
Piles-27 cases
Diseases pertaining to female reproductive system reported by women-21 cases
Diseases like Polio, Cancer, Leprosy, polycystic kidney, neural fibroma, paralysis etc 72

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Interesting Article.

January 24th, 2009

Here is an interesting article I found by Tracy Adams concerning her Oil Pulling experiences.



Twitter Page!

January 23rd, 2009

Just recently created a Twitter page! The Twitter page will automatically update itself every time there is a new blog entry so you won’t miss a thing!


How do you oil pull?

January 23rd, 2009

I know that everyone has a different method/oil that they use, and it is perfectly fine. I am currently using coconut oil once a day. What do you guys do and what have you found out that works best for you? I think before settling on a single oil, you should focus on pulling with the three major ones (Coconut, Sesame, and Sunflower), and see which you like best.



Excerpt from the E-book

January 23rd, 2009

The health benefits of oil pulling are worth their weight in gold. You have already seen the basic oral benefits in regards to plaque reduction; however it does NOT stop there. Here are various other benefits that oil pulling has on your oral health:

Ø  Strengthens teeth, gums, and jaws

Ø  Prevents tooth decay

Ø  Prevents / decreases oral malodor

Ø  Prevents / decreases bleeding of the gums

Ø  Alleviates dryness of the throat

Ø  Soothes cracked lips

Ø  Whitens the teeth

Ø  Prevents / treats cavities & tooth pain

Ø  Repairs loose teeth

Ø  Reverses effects of gingivitis

Well, what if my oral hygiene is already superb? Believe it or not, the benefits of oil pulling are not restricted to the mouth. As I have mentioned earlier, Dr. Karach developed this method to heal the body as a WHOLE.


Sesame, Coconut, or Sunflower Oil?

January 23rd, 2009

Personally, I like Coconut oil the best due to the taste aspect. I also feel that it has the greatest effect in regard to teeth whitening. However, as I talk about in my E-book, I think all three are equally effective in the long run as long as you are doing the method properly. The E-book is almost complete, waiting until the site becomes a little more popular and content-filled to post it. Thanks.

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First Post!

January 22nd, 2009

Welcome to Oil Pulling Secrets! Everything you wanted to know about the Oil Pulling Method with News, Tips, and discussion. I know there is not much now but I am beginning to get the site together. I will be adding loads of content shortly about EVERYTHING oil pulling. My E-book is nearly done as well and I hope to get up soon. I will be discussing everything concerning oil pulling as I have gathered news/tips/secrets among other things from around the net. Please bookmark the site and subscribe to the RSS, and contribute to discussions. Check back shortly for major changes. If you have any questions please contact me.

rishaj (at) oilpullingsecrets (dot) (com)