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February 3rd, 2009

Origins of Oil Pulling

So, what EXACTLY is oil pulling? Oil pulling (often referred to as oil swirling or oil swishing), invented by Ukrainian Physician Dr. F. Karach, M.D., is basically the process of swishing around oil in your mouth (think mouthwash, except using oil instead) for a period of usually about 15-25 minutes. It is referred to as “Kavala Graham” in Ayurveda texts. So why would anyone be crazy enough or even remotely have any interest in doing this? Dr. Karach has said that his method heals the person as a whole.

When Dr. Karach studied his oil under a microscope after pulling, he discovered many live micro-organisms swimming in it.  He himself has cured his chronic blood disease of which he suffered with for over 15 years! The main premise of oil pulling is that by swishing oil inside of your mouth, toxins get “pulled” from your bloodstream and into the mucous membrane.One study entitled performed by Sharath,, set out to determine the efficacy of oil pulling on oral health status using Sesame Oil. They recorded a DRASTIC decrease in plaque and micro-organisms in the plaque samples, concluding that oil pulling is an effective home therapy in maintaining and IMPROVING oral health.

Another study recruited 10 males (all subjects had mild to moderate gingivitis), and ran a 45 day oil pulling study. Using sunflower oil, each subject held the oil in their mouths for 8-10 minutes. This study also concluded that oil pulling has the ability to reduce plaque and gingivitis using Sunflower oil (Amith et al., 2007).  As you can see by now, there IS scientific evidence out there and more studies will undoubtedly be conducted in the future. It is clear that there is an established oral health benefit to oil pulling, but what good is oil pulling to your other health problems? What type of changes can you experience besides the changes inside of your mouth? As you will see, the benefits of oil pulling are unparalleled.

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E-book Update

February 1st, 2009

Sorry for the late update, have been working on the e-book which will be released very shortly. I do wish you all would post some comments/suggestions concerning the site/e-book. That is all for now. Thanks.

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